Below are Lafayette School Corporation's informational reports that may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate report.

Annual Performance Report 

Annual Financial Report   

LSC's Annual Budget 

Budget-Including Tax Rates 

Form 3 Taxpayers 

Bus Replacement Docs 2024

Capital Plan 2024


      a)  Donations are accepted. All donations are to be approved by the corporation Board of Trustees. Your contribution is tax deductible. Your contribution provides an opportunity to enhance student learning and encourages creativity in teaching in our community, so Lafayette School Corp. can continue providing an environment that supports and challenges each student.

     b) Donations should specify who or what the donation is to be used for and from whom. All donations should be sent to Stephanie Berryman in the Business Office.

School Fire Drill Certificate    

Legal Ad for

Notice of October 9,2023 Public Hearing 

Notice To Taxpayers of Additional Appropriation 

Notice of Determination