Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my student ride the bus home with a friend?
A: If your student is in grade K-four, they may ride with a note signed by both parents. Students in fifth through 12th grade are not allowed to ride with friends unless it is an emergency. If it is an emergency, the school administration will notify transportation.

Q: Can my student bring items on the bus with them?
A: If they can hold the item in their lap safely, then it may be transported on the bus. Items may not be on the floors or in the aisle way.

Q: Can my student bring animals on the bus?
A: Transportation only allows service animals on school buses.

Q: Can my student have electronics on the bus?
A: Electronics are permitted as long as they are not a distraction to the bus driver. If the electronics become an issue, the item will be taken by the driver and returned to the school administration. Click here to see electronic use policy.

Q: Can my student get off at another bus stop?
A: Drivers will only allow students to get off the bus at their designated bus stop.