Remember riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.
Good behavior is the only way to continue riding the school bus.


Instructions for students riding school buses:

  1. Respect the drivers and follow their instructions.

  2. Rules of classroom conduct will be observed on the bus.

  3. Remain seated; keep head and arms inside bus at all times.

  4. Keep entrance door, emergency exits and aisle clear of obstacles. No pets, glass or large items, including large band instruments, will be allowed on the bus.

  5. Throwing anything, at any time, on or out of the bus is not allowed.

  6. Eating, drinking and chewing gum are not allowed while riding the bus.

  7. Keep all conversations quiet.

  8. Use no profane or obscene language or gestures.

  9. Cross the road in front of the bus, after waiting for the driver’s signal.

  10. Maintain complete silence at railroad crossings.

Violation of these rules could result in loss of bus riding privileges for a student. The safety of all children on each bus can be compromised by one student whose actions are distracting to the bus driver. Time spent now in reviewing these rules may prevent a problem at a later date.

Here are some additional Safety Tips to share with your student for a safe ride on our school bus! https://www.cctvcameraworld.com/security-safety-starts-with-you-your-child.html