Business Office

Eric R
 Eric Rody
Chief Financial Officer
(765) 771-6065
[email protected]

 Budget and Accounting Department
 Deb S Deborah Speckman
Supervisor of Business Services
Deputy Treasurer
(765) 771-6064 
[email protected]
   Stephanie Berryman
Administrative Assistant
Budget Specialist
(765) 771-6063
[email protected]


 Payroll Department
 Crystal Crystal Fee
Payroll Specialist for Classified Employees
(765) 771-6062
[email protected]
 Connie S   Connie Sorensen
Payroll Specialist for Certified Employees
(765) 771-6039
[email protected]
 Purchasing Department
 Peggy Peggy Fields
Purchasing Specialist
(765) 771-6037
[email protected]
 Pam Pam Mitcham
Accounts Payable Specialist
(765) 771-6038
[email protected]