director of applied educational neuroscience
Applied Educational Neuroscience (formerly Social and Emotional Learning) is the process through which adults and children learn how to manage and regulate their emotions, set and move closer to positive goals, develop a growth mindset, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. While "SEL" has become quite the buzzword in education, we recognize that its lessons and goals are not new, nor are they revolutionary. However, the renewed interest in AEN aids in bringing more supports and focus in integrating it back into the teaching field.

Social and emotional learning has been supported through the Indiana Department of Education and is shown to have many benefits to our students, classrooms and communities

Lafayette School Corp. is dedicated to incorporating Applied Educational Neuroscience into the school day. Our current corporationwide efforts are currently funded through a grant provided by North Central Health Services and has provided evidence-based programing to all LSC students since the 2021-22 school year. The goal of this grant is to increase academic performance, decrease disciplinary referrals and decrease substance abuse. More information about this grant can be found in the "NCHS Resilient Youth Initiative Grant" tab on the left side of this page. 

Also on this page are updates on our two NCHS-funded programs: Positive Action and Botvin LifeSkills Training. There is a Resources tab as well that includes many tools and sites that may be useful for teachers and families. 

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Director of Applied Educational Neuroscience
Jacqui Grider 

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Students practicing breathing techniquesStudent learning the gift of creativity in Positive Action lessonStudents unlock the key to the next area of the Kingdom during Positive ActionKindergarten teachers attend PA trainingTeachers attend the Fostering Resilient Learners ConferenceStudent learns about being brave in a Positive Action lessonJefferson High School's Botvin LifeSkills Training pilot teachersAdministrators attend annual Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools conference in Atlanta