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The Lafayette School Corporation takes great pride in providing opportunities and communications that nurture, inspire, and empower students and their families.   This web page known as the Electronic Backpack provides event information that extends beyond the school day.  It is intended to provide centralized communication for parents to have at their fingertips any time of the day.  Individual schools may post school specific information within their own Electronic Backpack.   Postings within this site will focus on event information that extends beyond school-sponsored events.

Homework and classroom correspondence will still be sent home through the student backpack.   The goal of this digital resource is to provide families the opportunity to seek out information when they need or want it.  This digital resource also saves teachers and administrators hours of time spent sorting and delivering flyers to students.  Suitability and approval of postings will follow the Board approved policy K900  Distribution of Materials and advertising in the schools.

Guidelines for Event Flyer Approval

Electronic Backpack Event Flyer

    2018 Flag Football Registration Form.pdf
    Champion Force Cheerleading 2018.pdf
    Purdue Girls Data Event.pdf
    Purdue 2018 Engineering Gift Review.pdf
    Earhart Scout Night.pdf
    Edgelea Scout Night.pdf
    High School Diploma Changes 2018.pdf
    Mental Health 2018.pdf 
    Disability Services 2018.docx.pdf
    Mentoring monday.pdf
    Purdue Engineering Tomorrow.pdf
    Purdue Girls in Aviation Day.pdf




    Big Brothers/Big Sisters Recruitment
    Journal & Courier Teen Suicide Survey Permission Slip (Word Document)